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Leading Tree Consultant

Located in Birmingham, Chester and London we specialise in all matters relating to trees. Our arboricultural consultants and team technicians are appropriately qualified and experienced in providing client focused, sensible and defensible solutions.


We regularly advise private clients, developers, estate owners and managers, retailers, architects, project managers, planning consultants, solicitors, councils, engineers and other industry professionals. We remain committed to delivering high quality practical and innovative solutions in a cost effective defensible manner.

H&S and Risk Management

Tree owners have a general duty of care to ensure the safety of visitors to their land and/or its vicinity and must show that regular inspections have take place by a competent person. From single trees to estate land, our arboricultural consultants are experts in tree hazard identification and providing sensible tree work recommendations in order to establish an acceptable level of risk.

Mortgage/Insurance and Subsidence

Whether it be a preliminary site assessment, a report for home purchase or a detailed investigation of tree related building damage, our specialist team provides a prompt survey and fast report turnaround which address the issues that you, your advisors and other professionals require.

Trees & Construction (BS5837)

Arboricultural matters are merely one consideration in the planning process. Adherence with the British Standard 5837:2005 ‘Trees in relation to construction - Recommendations’ and the councils planning policies ensures a defensible application and reduces time delays. Our tailored approach assists in maximising your developable space and is further supported by the necessary BS5837 documentation: tree survey, constraints plan, implications assessment, method statement and protection plan.

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