Tree Surveys in London

Indigo Surveys provide a wide range of UK based Tree Survey services. Operational throughoutLondon, our consultancy team provide a range of arboricultural solutions; our London based Tree Consultant services include Tree Risk Assessments, Tree Mortgage Survey Reports, scaled Tree Constraints Plan Drawings, BS5837 Tree Surveys and, BS5837 Tree Reports.

We are client focused with a proven London based track record in providing cost effective Tree Survey services. With a proactive approach to client and project timescales and an open dialogue approach we are able to swiftly address project requirements with the efficiency and accuracy our clients require.

We are contactable to discuss any of your London based Arboricultural service needs – contact us on 0333 123 7080 or email to

For additional information relating to our specific Arboricultural Consultancy services please see our Tree Survey and Tree Report London website sections and feel free to contact a member of the team for site and project specific advice.

We are more than happy to discuss a project and provide verbal advice. Where this allows we will gladly provide a site specific specification and quotation for your project. Furthermore, we are happy to release sample documents including our Tree Survey data tables, Tree Report summaries and examples in order to demonstrate our commitment to quality advice.

Indigo Surveys