BS5837 Tree Reports

What is a BS5837 Tree Report for?

Local Authorities aim to retain trees [and other landscape features such as hedges] on development sites which, as assessed by a suitably qualified Arboriculturist (Tree Consultant / Arboricultural Consultant), are suitable for retention.

This is achieved by suitably assessing the arboricultural constraints of a site, guiding the design to accommodate trees [where necessary and suitable] and outlining suitable methodologies for the protection of trees during and after demolition / site works / construction.

Ultimately, compliance with BS5837 is required such that an Arboriculturist undertakes a Tree Survey, Tree Constraints Plan, Tree Report (Arboricultural Implications Assessment and Method Statement) and Tree Protection Plan.

The tree related planning policies and/or supplementary planning guidance can be found via your local authority website section; the links will be coming here soon.

Our BS5837 specific Arboricultural Consultancy services are outlined at our Arboriculturist and BS5837 Tree Surveys website sections however, please feel free to contact a member of the team for advice on 0333 123 7080 or

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