BS5837 Tree Surveys

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BS5837 Tree Surveys

Indigo Surveys Ltd is a well-established company dealing with Arboriculture and Ecology practices across the UK. We are ideally placed to help you conduct a BS5837 tree survey. If you are looking for specialists to provide a tree survey for planning, we are your ideal option.

Based in Chester, but with professionals available around the country, we administer trusted BS5837 surveys in Chester, London, Birmingham and many other locations around the UK. We understand many of our clients would prefer a swift tree report for planning so we offer swift and reliable care.

As well as Indigo Surveys Ltd operating with speed and efficiency, we also offer great flexibility with regards to BS5837 services. Wherever we are needed, simply inform us of your location and we’ll have one of our professionals visit your site. The specialist will then conduct a personalised evaluation which covers each and every of your site’s key features.

Our extensive experience and familiarity with tree surveys in the UK will be of great help, while our trained specialists enable us to understand the ecological needs of your specific site. As we provide the BS5837 survey, we’ll consider your site’s ecological needs, as well as current and future issues, offering ideas on how to deal with risks.


When is a BS5837 Tree Survey required?

A suitably designed scheme (tree survey for planning application for an extension, new build, demolition or development proposal) which is deemed acceptable by your local authority tree department cannot be achieved without first assessing the site’s arboricultural constraints.

Where trees are located within the site boundary or on the adjacent land i.e. trees within impacting distance of the site (15m distance from site boundary is often used by the Local Planning Authority), a BS5837:2012 compliant Tree Assessment (Tree Survey and Tree Report) is required.


Who is qualified to conduct a BS5837 Tree Survey?

The BS5837 Tree Survey, Advice and Report should be prepared by a suitably Qualified Arboriculturist (Tree Consultant/Arboricultural Consultant) and will allow for a realistic understanding of the site and the limitations presented by trees. An acceptable BS5837 tree survey design will successfully incorporate the suitable trees without damage or future conflict and mitigate the loss of any trees being removed.

Ultimately, the local authority tree department will need a BS5837 Assessment in order to inform their decision-making process. The current British Standard BS5837:2012 in relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’ (4th Edition, came into effect on 30 April 2012 and supersedes BS5837:2005) outlines the requirement for an Arboriculturist to undertake a Tree Survey, Tree Constraints Plan and Tree Report to guide design.

Thereafter, and in relation to the final BS5837 scheme, an Arboricultural Implications Assessment with Method Statement considerations and ‘Draft’ Tree Protection Plan are typically required.


Why choose us for your BS5837 Survey?

Indigo Surveys Ltd has a high level of professionalism in our tree survey for planning. We offer a trusted option in the BS5837 tree surveys we conduct for clients all over the country. We perform these in total compliance with current British Standard BS5837:2012 recommendations. This means that the surveys we conduct meet all safety and quality British standards required.

When you enlist the services of Indigo Surveys Ltd when looking for a tree report for planning, we will perform all of the required and recommended actions and provide appropriate advice. We are a company that offer our clients peace of mind whenever you enlist us to carry out a BS5837 survey.

We have a collaborative approach to the tree survey service we offer, ensuring we provide the right collective professional advice at the appropriate time. We will deliver a tree report for planning full of professional insight every step of the process.

All of your relevant questions will be answered in detail, covering all of the ecological requirements of your site. Thanks to the transferable skills of our highly flexible team of Tree Surveyors, we can adapt to varying projects, whatever their individual needs. We offer an ecological study, identification and an in-depth mapping of all of the important tree habitat features within your site.

You can be sure that the tree report for planning we deliver will encompass all of the detailed information you need for any application for planning permission. We make sure that you receive the best guidance on the trees on your site and their associated risks.

Our specialists offer a high level of professionalism ensuring a service that is high in both quality and value for money. This combination of strengths makes us a leading and highly reliable bs5837 survey option.


How do I book a BS5837 Tree Survey?

The specific tree related planning policies and/or supplementary planning guidance can be found via the council’s specific website sections. They can offer guidance on any issue related to a tree survey for planning application, BS5837 tree survey and many other BS5837 guidelines.

Our BS5837 specific Arboricultural Consultancy services are outlined at our Arboriculturist and BS5837 Tree Reports website sections however, please feel free to contact a member of the team for advice on 0333 123 7080 or


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