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In respect to tree surveys and other vegetation related issues, we regularly support and advise clients including estate property developers, architects, planning consultants, project managers, engineers, solicitors, retailers and a range of other industry professionals. We provide them with detailed and highly informative tree reports, able to tailor our reports to clients across a wide range of industries and sectors.

We have established a reputation for delivering high-quality and innovative reporting options at highly competitive rates. Our tree consultants and team of specialist staff are skilled and experienced in both private and public-sector work, providing client-focused services that can deal with any project, no matter the size or scope of the location and the scale of any development involved.
Our team will conduct trusted and detailed tree surveys that offer all of the required information you need to move forward with a project, including new build construction work, refurbishment or renovation of existing properties, health and safety surveys and any matters related to insurance on a site or property.

We can offer the experience required to work to the exact standards and guidelines in operation within your industry, so you can have confidence that any survey or report we provide will tick all of the right boxes. In any planning application for a large-scale development site, it is pivotal that a reliable tree survey report is obtained, with our precise and detailed reports able to be issued swiftly, before any site layout preparation is put into action.
We can provide businesses and corporations around the UK with guidance on factors such as:

  • the dimensions of trees on the site
  • the structural integrity of all trees on the site
  • the age class of all trees found on the site

If you are a corporation looking for access to reliable and cost-effective survey solutions that will be recognised within your industry and adhering to all legal guidelines in the UK, you should contact Indigo Surveys. You can speak to our friendly and specialist team today by calling 0333 123 7080 or emailing


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