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Here at Indigo Surveys, we are experienced in working with local councils in various parts of the UK, with our team of experts able to offer surveys including:

Having carried out tree surveys for a wide range of clients looking for planning approval on land with trees that need to be protected, we are able to liaise between individual applicants and their local council with highly informative and specialised reports that can help to inform decisions.
We are able to provide highly practical and reliable project options, with our Habitat surveys being a regularly utilised assessment process for many council services. We can provide you with a tailored report on site-specific ecology details, vegetation classifications, as well as identifying any protected species and/or their habitat.
We can also offer councils with the opportunity for extended surveys and reports, which can include:

  • biological records data searches
  • protected species investigation
  • key information on preliminary requirements of a planning process

We provide councils around the UK with a set of survey solutions that can inform their job in a variety of helpful and innovative ways. We guarantee that every single council who partners with us at Indigo Surveys will receive trusted and cost-effective survey solutions for any project or application they are overseeing. To find out more details on our selection of surveys, call us today on 0333 123 7080 or email


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