How to find a suitable Tree Consultant

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How to find a suitable Tree Consultant

In order to obtain objective advice from a suitably qualified and experienced individual/company (Tree Consultant / Arboricultural Consultancy) in respect of trees, the nature of the survey in relation to the level of specialism should be of paramount consideration, i.e. specialist tree mortgage reports, H&S tree risk surveys, subsidence tree inspections, BS5837:2005 tree survey reports for development/planning permission will require an Arboricultural or Tree Consultant. When searching for an arboricultural consultant’s advice/support it can be difficult to measure the importance of the many considerations in the selection process. In summary a suitable tree consultant:

  • Is someone qualified (normally to degree level) and experienced in the field of arboriculture and should specialise in the supply of the required tree survey;
  • Will have a suitable level of professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover;
  • Should have professional affiliation within the arboricultural sector, i.e. Professional Member of the Arboricultural Association;
  • Is able to assess and interpret tree health, pest/disease symptoms and tree legislation
  • Is unlikely to undertake tree work and will provide a tree survey schedule relating to tree work recommendations;
  • Will provide free quotes for the entire service you require (it is very important to make sure each quote is on a like for like basis and to check the addition of mileage charges etc); and
  • Will be able to provide evidence of past work and client recommendations/testimonials from reliable sources, i.e. review websites.

It is important to note that councils do not operate ‘approved lists’ and do not make any recommendations for Tree Consultants. However, certain Council websites have dedicated sections outlining their proposed assessment criteria and necessary considerations such as:

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