Measured Surveys

Our appointed survey personnel are trained, experienced and insured for a wide variety of specialist geomatic services which we provide throughout the UK.

We use the latest equipment and technologies to ensure the delivery of high quality and accurately drawn plans with the speed and efficiency you require.

We are adaptive to each project and experienced in using recognised survey techniques and methodologies to deliver accurate drawings.

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We regularly provide geomatic services to land owners, developers, construction companies, architects, planning consultants, project managers, engineers and other planning professionals.

As such, we are well versed in the measured survey requirements for projects and remain committed to delivering practical and innovative but cost effective solutions.

Topographical Surveys

As a baseline survey to depict a site, we tailor each survey to the specific project needs and can either provide a detailed specification or work to yours.

We can quote from as little as a red line Ordnance Survey boundary plan, Land Registry plan or an aerial photograph.

We use AutoCAD to produce detailed plans of the built and natural environment relative to land co-ordinates, an existing datum or OS grid. We include information such as levels, contours, site features, GPS and cross sections.

As with all of our projects, we are adaptable to each client request and can deliver our completed drawing files in .pdf, .dwg and / or hard copy formats.

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Building Surveys

If you are planning internal building remodelling, alterations, an extension or need to replicate existing design detail, we can provide accurate plans of the architectural and structural aspects of a building with the level of detail required for the project.

Whether it be internal floor plans, external building elevations, building cross sections, or street scene elevations, our adaptable approach enables each client request to be specifically met with exacting quality.

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Underground utility trace

We can either produce a topographical survey drawing (see above), or use your supplied land survey plan. This acts as a base layer whereby we can survey and map the existing utilities and underground utility services atop.

By utilising electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar systems (GPR) we can dramatically increase the level of accuracy and volume of services which can be traced.

We also offer the option to integrate utility record search data for a full land-utility mapping service presented as detailed and accurate .pdf and .dwg format plan(s) using AutoCAD.

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