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What is a Topographical Survey?

A Topographical Survey is an accurate depiction of a site (property, area of land, defined boundary) which is scaled and detailed according to the spatial considerations and is the summary of the on-site data capture processes.
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‘The Big Tree Plant’ – Tree Planting Initiative

The Big Tree Plant was launched this month by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Minister Jim Paice to promote the planting of one million extra trees across England in the next four years.
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How to find a suitable Tree Consultant

In order to obtain objective advice from a suitably qualified and experienced individual/company (Tree Consultant / Arboricultural Consultancy) in respect of trees, the nature of the survey in relation to the level of specialism should be of paramount consideration, i.e. specialist tree mortgage reports, H&S tree risk surveys, subsidence tree inspections, BS5837:2005 tree survey reports for development/planning permission will require an Arboricultural or Tree Consultant.
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Lottery Investment for UK Parks

On 22-December-2010, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Big Lottery Fund (BIG) announced monetary grants of more than £7 million for historic park redevelopment projectsin the UK.
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What is an Ecological Survey?

There are a wide scope of assessments which constitute an Ecology Survey, these span from basic Ecological Scoping Surveys to more specific and detailed NVC (National Vegetation Classification), Hedgerow, Botanical, River Corridor, Protected Species, Invasive Plant Speciesand Ecological Assessments.
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Tree Reports

Do I need a Tree Report?
What is a Tree Report for?
Who can carry out a Tree Report?
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What is a Habitat Survey?

Habitat Survey: this involves the study, identification and mapping of important wildlife habitats on a site and in the surrounding area.
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How to Plant a Tree

Planting trees needs careful consideration for the implementation processes, tree protection and aftercare/maintenance in order to ensure that they establish and grow successfully. The following information should be read as a general guide for tree planting considerations and should be supported by a Planting Specification and programme based on a site’s specific constraints and relevant planting factors.
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The bloomtrigger Project

An excellent idea which promotes and encourages the protection and provision of the Earth’s rainforests. Additional details explaining the concept and implementation of their pilot project are outlined on the bloomtrigger project website.
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Explore and Discover our Forests and Woodlands

The Forestry Commission has launched a great new free iPhone App which helps you explore England’s forests.
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