‘The Big Tree Plant’ – Tree Planting Initiative

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‘The Big Tree Plant’ – Tree Planting Initiative

The Big Tree Plant was launched this month by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Minister Jim Paice to promote the planting of one million extra trees across England in the next four years. This partnership is the first government tree planting campaign since the 1970s. It is supported by grant funding of £1 million per year for the next four years and will plant trees in urban areas that need them most. The annual rate of tree planting in urban and semi-urban areas has declined. Increasing the tree population will deliver benefits to local communities, provide prominent features and make our cities, towns and villages more aesthetically attractive and enjoyable as a whole. There have been a number of national tree-planting organisations who have promoted and arranged tree-planting events to help launch the campaign including the Forestry Commission, Keep Britain Tidy, Red Rose Community Forests, The Tree Council and Trees Bristol. Groups that are interested in planting trees may apply for grant funding and may wish to find a Local Tree Group. Defra has already funded significant new projects this tree planting season including:

  • The NHS Forest – 65,000 trees across 25 sites
  • The Tree Council – 1,000+ trees across four sites
  • Keep Britain Tidy – 100,000 trees across 750 sites.

For more in-depth information relating to The Big Tree Plant you can visit the Direct.gov website. Other well publicised schemes for tree planting include such examples as:

If you have set up a tree planting/care group or have undertaken some tree planting yourself, we would like to hear about it: comments, photos and queries to info@indigosurveys.co.uk. More information coming soon…


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