Tree Surgeons in Cheshire

With an established clientele throughout the UK, Indigo Surveys provide a wide range of UK-based Tree Report services to private clients, construction professionals, architects, schools and councils (list is not exhaustive). Operational from the heart of Cheshire, our arboricultural consultants and tree surgeons in Cheshire provide tailored solutions based on the requirements of your project.

Our Arboricultural Consultancy services include:

  • Tree Risk Reports
  • Mortgage/Insurance Tree Reports
  • BS5837:2012 Surveys and Arboricultural Implications Assessment
  • Method Statement Reports.


What are the benefits of a Tree Survey in Cheshire?

There are a range of different benefits to finding specialist Cheshire tree services, with the selection of the correct tree surgeons in Cheshire ensuring that the trees on your site are correctly maintained, repaired and/or removed depending on your overall site needs. We ensure each arboriculturist is client-focused, with a proven Cheshire based track record and the ability to adopt a proactive approach, ensuring a cost-effective solution to each project.

This way, we can considerably reduce related current or future issues and risks. For any investor in a site or property in this area, a proper tree survey Cheshire option can be highly beneficial. You will benefit greatly from a well-established company to handle the Arboriculture process on your site. Indigo Surveys has been beneficial to many clients in Cheshire and across the UK. Our Cheshire tree services are useful to homeowners, engineers, architects, developers, planning specialists, developers, retailers, solicitors, local councils and many others.

You will benefit from a customised tree survey from our tree surgeons Cheshire team. Our services are aimed at keeping you from the health & safety risks related to trees. Prior to any management planning, we send a professional tree surveyor to visit your site and perform a personalised review. This way, we can cover every feature of your site, including the trees and vegetation in it. With great consideration, our Cheshire tree company team will be able to provide reliable advice that suits the requirements of your site or property. In this way, our flexible and personalised service will be useful to you as you venture into any site development or investment.

With a collaborative approach to any of the tree survey Cheshire projects we take on, you can rest easy we’ll deliver guidance that fits your requirements, while covering potential risks. Our tree surgeons provide a detailed structural and physiological evaluation of the trees on your property. This is a procedure that helps you, as a tree owner, to assure visitors to your premises are safe, as required by the Occupiers Liability Act 1984. You are also required to guarantee the safety of every tree on your property, which we help you with through our tree surveys. Our specialists at Indigo Surveys provide advice on a manageable level of risk as we conduct our arboriculture procedures.

Why choose our tree surgeons in Cheshire?

As a national Arboriculture and Ecology company, Indigo Surveys Ltd is a top choice for many companies and landowners. We have experience of around 10 years in tree surveys and related processes. We combine this with our in-depth knowledge of properties and trees in the UK, to provide excellent Cheshire tree services. We are reputed for customised, pragmatic and reliable approaches to both domestic and commercial sites, offering a multitude of tree survey options to local authorities and professionals in varying industries. Our personalised approach comes from our understanding of each site and its unique needs, so the advice we offer will fit your needs.

One of the other reasons Indigo Surveys Ltd is an ideal Cheshire tree company to enlist is the strengths we have across our well-established tree consultancy team. Our specialists are able to work in tandem, with the tree Surgeons Cheshire team and ecological surveyors working to come up with helpful professional insights. All of your related questions will be answered in detail, enabling you to know the best approach to take. We can also help you out with these procedures by offering tailored services that will suit all your site needs.

Getting a dedicated team of tree surgeons in Cheshire to handle your site needs is also something you will get from us. At Indigo Surveys, we have a team committed to our clients, providing trusted Cheshire tree services. Our team gives you peace of mind, in the knowledge that all your site needs will be handled by a committed team of experienced professionals. This way, you’re assured of reliable and professional Cheshire tree services which are high-quality and value for money. We have very affordable services, with quality and reliability in the guidance we provide. Of the many clients we have helped, we have worked with varying budgets.

Our tree surgeons in Cheshire provide a dependable and cost-effective tree survey option, one of the leading options in the UK. All of our services are provided swiftly. The moment you contact us, we’ll move to handle your issues and deliver reports, tangible recommendations and solutions on time. You can trust our Cheshire tree company for a detailed and highly beneficial arboriculture service in the UK.

How do I contact your specialists for Tree Survey in Cheshire?

Some introductory Tree Report and Tree Survey Cheshire information is available across our website sections, however, please feel free to contact us for free and friendly arboricultural advice on 0333 123 7080 or Our team of specialists will be more than happy to speak to you about all of the services available through our tree surgeons in Cheshire, with the quality of our care making us one of the leading options for anyone seeking a trusted Cheshire tree company.