Tree Surveys & Tree Reports

We specialise in arboricultural consultancy and provide a wide range of tree surveys, tree plans and tree reports throughout the UK.

Our arboricultural consultants and team technicians are appropriately qualified and experienced with backgrounds in both private and public sector work and provide sensible, client focused and defensible solutions.

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In respect of trees, we regularly advise private clients / homeowners, estate owners and managers, developers, architects, planning consultants, project managers, engineers, councils, solicitors, retailers and other industry professionals.

We remain committed to delivering high quality practical and innovative solutions in a cost effective defensible manner.

Trees & Planning / Construction (BS5837)

If you are proposing site works, demolition or construction in proximity to a tree, there is a potential for damage to the tree and it’s growing conditions from the works and vice versa.

Also, if there are trees on or around your site, or within impacting distance of proposed works (inc. ground works / construction etc.), you will need arboricultural guidance to inform and support your planning application.

As such, we undertake tree surveys to the British Standard 5837 : 2012 ‘Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’ (BS5837:2012).

Arboricultural matters are but one consideration in the planning process and adherence to BS5837 and the councils tree related planning policies ensures a defensible application and reduces time delays.

Our tailored approach assists in maximising your developable space and is further supported by the necessary BS5837 documentation: BS5837 Tree Survey, Root Protection Area calculations, Tree Constraints Plan, scheme review & Arboricultural Implications Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan.

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Health & Safety Tree Surveys

Indigo Surveys provide H&S tree risk management surveys. This includes a visual tree assessment including the physiological and structural condition of trees and tree stock to enable cost effective site management.

Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, tree owners have a legal responsibility and ‘duty of care’ to ensure the safety of visitors to their land and / or its vicinity. This includes the need to apply reasonable measures for the safety of their trees. As such they must show that regular tree inspections have been carried out by a competent person.

From single trees to estate land, our arboricultural consultants specialise in tree hazard identification and providing sensible tree work recommendations in order to establish an acceptable level of risk.

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Tree Reports for Mortgage / Insurance

Indigo Surveys provide a tailored approach to tree surveys for homebuyers and homeowners in respect of a home purchase or mortgage / insurance renewal.

We consider the trees within impacting and influencing distance of structures and review the likely, anticipated and foreseeable risk of direct and indirect damage (subsidence) being caused to built structures from trees and vegetation.

Also, we consider all trees on and around your property in respect of H&S tree risk management (see above). We undertake a tree survey assessment and provide recommendations to mitigate tree defects and pruning advice to suitably manage your trees.

Our specialist team provide a prompt survey and fast report turnaround to address the considerations which you, your advisors and other professionals require.

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Damage from Trees / Vegetation

Trees can cause damage to hard surfaces (driveways, paths etc.), light structures (walls, outbuildings etc.) and buildings.

Tree / vegetation related damage can be from direct contact and displacement from roots, stem contact or branch contact. Or, damage may be indirect by vegetative influence, i.e. from the extraction of water from shrinkable soils.

Whether it be a preliminary site assessment due to the perceived risk from trees / vegetation, or a detailed investigation of tree related building damage, our specialist arboricultural consultants can provide preventative and reactive recommendations for tree / vegetation management.

We provide arboricultural reports for your insurer and work closely with loss adjusters, geo-technical / structural engineers, solicitors and your neighbours to establish the cause of the damage and provide a suitable solution.

The right initial advice will allow for preventative site management, pruning works and tree felling to be undertaken. Also, advice early after the identification of building damage can allow for the problem to be promptly remediated.

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Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas

Is my tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) ?

Is my house, my land or my tree located within a Conservation Area ?

Indigo Surveys can undertake a baseline H&S tree survey (above) to assess your trees and provide suitable and defensible recommendations for tree risk mitigation and tree stock management.

If your trees are protected by TPO or contained within a Conservation Area then you may need Council permission or to submit a prior notification of your intended tree works to the Council.

You can often check whether your trees are protected by TPO or whether the tree is located within a Conservation Area by visiting your local Council website, or you may contact your local authority Tree Officer directly.

Should you need prior advice on the management of your trees, assistance in establishing the statutory controls and protection of your trees, and liaising with your local council, contact us for free advice and a fixed cost quote for works.

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